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Birds of Prey (2020) Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Helena Bertinelli, The Huntress Showing all 56 items Jump to: Photos (46) Quotes (10) Photos 23 more photos Quotes [repeated line] The Huntress : Do you know who I am? Dinah Lance : What the hell is up with this bow and arrow shit? The Huntress : IT'S NOT A FUCKING BOW AND ARROW. It's a crossbow! After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroines Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord. Director Cathy Yan Writers Christina Hodson Paul Dini Bruce Timm Stars Margot Robbie Rosie Perez Mary Elizabeth Winstead See production, box office & company info Watch on HBO Max

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Huntress' Role In Birds of Prey Winstead's character is one of the main protagonists and a member of Harley's team. Huntress fights alongside Harley Quinn, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya against Black Mask and his men. As one of the Birds of Prey, Huntress sports her comic book counterpart's crossbow and traditional purple color scheme. In the future, long after the Batman has driven himself into exile, his legacy lives on in the form of the Birds of Prey--Black Canary, Oracle, and the Huntress. Creator Laeta Kalogridis Stars Ashley Scott Dina Meyer Rachel Skarsten See production, box office & company info Watch on Tubi S1 Go to More watch options Add to Watchlist

She is the former heir to the Bertinelli crime family turned assassin who is obsessed with getting revenge upon her family's killers, and later one of the founding members of the titular Birds of Prey. She is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an adult and by Ella Mika as a child. 'Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipations of One Harley Quinn (2020)'Huntress - All Fight & Abilities ScenesHelena Bertinelli, better known as Huntre.

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After fighting against crime lord Roman Sionis alongside Harley Quinn, Black Canary, and police detective Renee Montoya to protect pickpocket Cassandra Cain from his wrath, the trio managed to save Cain, killing Sionis in the process. Helena was now the Huntress. The Oracle and the Huntress were known as the Birds of Prey. Alfred Pennyworth, the man who helped raise Helena's father, now split his time between upkeep at Wayne Manor and supporting Oracle and Huntress at their base of operations - the Gotham Clock Tower.

Helena: I killed Galante. I killed his firing squad. I killed Victor Zsasz. And now I'm done. Harley: Bravo. Helena: So if you don't mind, I'm going to leave now. Huntress was one of the breakout characters of Birds of Prey, but some things about this vigilante don't add up. Huntress aka The Crossbow Killer aka Helena Bertinelli is a crossbow-wielding vigilante and a member of Birds of Prey, who made their cinematic debut in the recent Harley Quinn movie.

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In the 1989 Huntress series, Helena Bertinelli was born into one of Gotham City 's most prominent mafia families. In this iteration of the character, she was kidnapped as a child (aged 6) and raped by a rival mafia Don purely to psychologically torture her father and is a withdrawn girl. Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as c.

Huntress comes to the big screen in Birds Of Prey, and we've got answers to questions about the DC Comics hero. DC Comics has made a lot of changes to Huntress over the years. One thing that's stayed the same is that she's a vigilante with a tragedy in her past that shapes how she views Gotham. Still, Batman vouched for Huntress during her tenure on the JLA. Huntress was also a major part of the Birds of Prey alongside Oracle and Black Canary. Helena Bertinelli was a sort of black sheep in the Bat-Family. The Huntress constantly struggled to prove herself to Batman, especially in light of her brutal tactics.

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Gail Simone is an American writer of comic books. Best known for penning DC's Birds of Prey, her other notable works include Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, The All-New Atom, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman. In 2011, she became the writer for Batgirl. Though fired from Batgirl in December 2012 by the title's incoming editor, Brian Cunningham. Birds of Prey was the first DCEU film and the second DC Films production to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America, following Joker (2019). The film had its world premiere in Mexico City on January 25, 2020, and was released in the United States in IMAX, Dolby Cinema, ScreenX and 4DX on February 7, 2020.