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Deer-resistant garden plants in this category include lambs ear (Stachys), lady's mantle (Alchemilla), Siberian bugloss (Brunnera), flowering tobacco(Nicotiana), tuberous begonias, heliotrope, yarrow (Achillea), Ageratum, poppies, purple top vervain (Verbena bonariensis), and many others. You can safely space most lightweight deer netting with about 20 feet between posts, while metal fences and those comprised of heavier materials should have supports placed about 15 feet apart. Place your supports, spaced at these intervals, and unroll your fencing. Attach it with whatever your preferred material is.

TOP 20 Deer proof fence ideas 2018 Interior Exterior Ideas

The most effective technique for deterring deer is a fence around the garden. A fence to keep deer out should extend partly underground and not have gaps bigger than 6x6 inches where deer can squeeze through or crawl under to get into your yard. Enclose the entire garden, or they'll go around the fence. A fence should also be at least 8 feet high. Electric deer fencing consists of a wire (or wires) strung low along a border that carries a mild shock. This type of deer fencing isn't a constant barrier: Instead, it's helpful to influence deer behavior, similar to an electric dog fence influencing your pet's behavior.

Attractive deer proof fencing takes a bit more time and money than wire, netting, or a single strand electric fence. For high populations of deer, use multiple electric wires at 10, 20, and 30 inches (25, 50, and 76 cm.) from the ground. If your deer are especially sneaky, use two electric fences. Deer netting is an essential tool to stop deer from eating plants in your garden. It envelops your desirable plants to shield them from foraging deer. Netting is similar to deer fencing in that it creates a physical barrier between the deer and your plants.

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There are several types of electric netting made just for deer proofing gardens. These work especially well for larger areas such as orchards or berry plantings.. Combined with a shorter fence, this will help deter them from going into your garden. Deer Resistant Gardening Techniques Resistant Plants. Many of our favorite vegetables are. One of the most effective ways to protect your garden from noshing deer is to install a barrier. Explore our collection to find the right one for your space. Sign up for Email. Get in on the best deals, new products and gardening tips. Sign up. Call to order 1-888-833-1412. REQUEST A CATALOG. Customer Service.

for pricing and availability. Agfabric. 60 in. x 66 in. Black Mosquito Net DIY Fabric Insect Pest Barrier Netting Curtains for Home/Travel/Camping. Model # MN860X66B. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Agfabric. 34 in. x 28 in. Garden Netting Bag for Vegetable and Plants. Model # IN3428WRW. What is a deer-proof fence? A deer fence, sometimes referred to as a deer exclosure, is a fence that is designed to keep deer out of an enclosed area. Deer fencing is effective at keeping deer out of areas of all sizes, from small backyard gardens to entire farms and estates.

TOP 20 Deer proof fence ideas 2018 Interior Exterior Ideas

Deer netting is a physical barrier that is much more flexible than fencing, and you can rearrange netting fences to accommodate changes. Another option is to use the netting as a drape on. Temporary electric fencing can also be an effective method to protect a garden or orchard from deer. String one wire of electric fence on plastic posts about 30 inches above the ground, scatter a.

Garden netting, at least 4' high and 25' long (although typically sold in at least 50' rolls so this shouldn't be an issue). This stuff comes in a variety of colors (typically green, black, or metallic), can be plastic or metal, have hexagonal or rectangular grids, and different size grids. Pick whatever suits you best. The deer fence netting won't rust and is UV resistant, making it an option that can be used for multiple seasons. It is flexible enough to wrap around trees and shrubs. Creates a barrier to protect your plants from birds and deer. Flexible black plastic can easily be attached to supports. Heavy duty netting unfolds to a 7ft. tall fence height.

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Firmly anchored fences can withstand the elements and access attempts by the deer. Drive posts at least 18 inches into the ground and space them at 4-foot intervals. Amazon's Choicefor deer netting Feitore Deer Fence Netting, 7 x 100 Feet Bird Netting Anti Bird Deer Protection Net Reusable Protective Garden Netting for Plants Fruit Trees Vegetables Against Birds, Deer and Other Animals 4.3 out of 5 stars5,988 5K+ viewed in past week $19.99$19.99($0.20/Foot)$22.99$22.99 Buy 3, save 3%